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File Downloads Description Author
Cyberdogs 257kb The first original Cyberdogs game. A must see for those who want to know the origins of C-Dogs, or for anyone who's feeling nostalgic. Ronny Wester
C-Dogs (v1.06) 650kb The sequel to Cyberdogs. Has many improvements, and is the best one to play. Ronny Wester

C-Dogs Campaigns:

File Downloads Description Author
Trauts's Campaigns 106kb All of my C-Dogs Campaigns & Dogfights (some contain hard versions)

Massacre City

Arena of Doom

Sideways in Time

Sliding in Time (Sideways in Time 2)

Joke Hunter

Dangerous Duel (DF)

Suicidal Tendency (DF)

Markeroo's Campaigns 2kb All of Markeroo's C-Dogs Campaigns & Dogfights (contain hard versions)

Hoppin' Flowers (assisted by me, Trauts)

IceMan's Campaigns 0kb All of Iceman's C-Dogs Campaigns & Dogfights (contain hard versions)

Organic Computer Virus COMING SOON (assisted by me, Trauts)

Willie's Campaigns 1kb All of Willy's C-Dogs Campaigns & Dogfights

Fight for Freedom

Army Base (DF)

Dungeons of the Deceased (DF)

Dogfight of Demolition (DF)

Government Warfare Office (DF)

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Music Files:

Title Song/File Info Author
Why-September 11, 2001 141kb Written about the September 11, 2001 Terrorist attacks. In .xm format. VERY GOOD David Churchill
James Bond Theme 88kb Converted from Sheet Music Awake Coder
Anarchy main 118kb Original by jester/snt

Remix by faction

Dark Fire 265kb Okay Oracle SouL
Fantasy. jjk143 59kb I don't know who the author is Sorry
Hermit Livin' 60kb Awesome Stamen
Link's Awakening 73kb From: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening John Dietzel
The Neverending Story Theme 444kb Cool John Hawksley
Stardust Memories 112kb Great Jester/Sanity
The Great Life 102kb Awesome Stamen
War in Middle Earth - Rm 215kb Neat Remix Skaven/FC
Wizardry 132 kb Super Jester of Sanity
The X-Files Theme 81kb Original: Mark Snow Mod Version:

Rich La Bonte