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C-Dogs is the sequel to Cyberdogs. It added many cool features, and improved the game in many ways. It was released originally in 1997, though the current version, 1.06, was released in 1999.

C-Dogs made Cyberdogs much more editable. In C-Dogs you can build your own custom characters (and you have more faces to choose from). The campaigns are more mission-based, with the gameplay of each level revolving around a storyline. An editor program is included as well, so users can make their own campaigns. The enemies of a campaign are also set up in the editor, and you can make some very cool looking baddies. The campaigns can also have different kinds of objectives. you can make objectives to kill certain enemies, pick up certain objects, explore a percentage of the level, or even rescue a hostage. You can have up to six objectives per level, and they can be nearly any combination. Some objectives can even be "hidden," as bonus objectives.

A few other things that have benefitted C-Dogs are the inclusion of doors (and keys to open locked doors), more level objects (crates, explosive barrels, lab tables that spew poison gas when shot, containers with napalm, etc.), and a password system so that you can pick up where you left off at a certain level. It is now easier to play music in the game. C-Dogs is set up to play any MOD or S3M music module (I think some XMs or ITs might work as well). Just place the MODs you want in your C-Dogs folder, and edit the menusong.cfg and gamesong.cfg files as the C-Dogs Readme file describes.

There is still a two-player cooperative game mode, which works in very much the same way as the original. However, there is also a Dogfight mode, where it's a split screen duel to the death between you and a friend.

Powerups and Weapons
C-Dogs has no real powerups. You start the level with a certain number of hit points. When those are gone, you die, and there is no way to restore them in game. Also, the buying system has been eliminated. You now select only three weapons out of a much larger arsenal to take with you into the next level. In single player or cooperative modes, your score is lessened every time you fire, but even if your score is at zero, you have unlimited ammo. So, since strategy is the key in planning what to take with you into battles, here's the scoop on each of them:

Run into somebody with this, and do a lot of rapid damage. It will not blow up explosive crates.

Machine Gun:
Each bullet does 10 hp of damage, and the gun has a fast fire rate. This is a commonly used weapon. It can hold a well-armored target at bay through its projectiles' "kick."

Power Gun:
A slower firing weapon than the machine gun, but each shot does 20 hp and has a greater range.A small bit of kick is accompanied at the receiving end.

Much the same as it was in the original game. A fast rate of fire spews out flames that each do 12 hp worth of damage.

Sniper Gun:
One of my favorites :-). Has a very slow rate of fire, but a very long range. It does 50 hp of damage. The kick to the target is tremendous, and you can use this to blow a heavily armored target far enough away that you won't have to deal with it for some time.

Another one of my favorites. This one fires a spray of five bullets inside a 45 degree spread. Each bullet does 15 hp of damage, so if you're at close range and hit something, it's going down about 75. Also the kick at close range is very powerful, so use this to bounce a big player away temporarily.

A general explosive, bouncing weapon that you throw (There is no launcher). It makes a large explosion that fans out, and can cause a lot of damage. Be careful, you can hurt yourself with this one!

Shrapnel Bomb:
Having a big party with a lot of people you don't like all in one place? This weapon is for you! Throw this into a group. Rather than exploding like the grenade, it throws a circle of shrapnel. Each piece causes 40 hp of damage, so if you sink one right under someone's feet, there will be plenty of pain.

Ooh, boy...This one's dangerous, and fun to use! While it has a relatively short throwing distance, it makes up for it by raw power. Upon hitting the ground, it does not bounce, but explodes into a small field of flame that continuously burns anything it touches. If you hit someone directly with this, even in a Dogfight, the receiver won't be around much longer.

This weapon is like a grenade you leave behind. After you place it, its three second fuse it lit. Then it blows up like a grenade. This is useful for many things.

Proximity Mine:
Another weapon with a grenade like explosion. This is a weapon you can leave behind you. It arms two seconds after being dropped. Then if anyone comes near it, it blows up.

Photo credits go to: Trauts