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This is our Forum. Please leave suggestions for campaigns, status of your campaigns, anything. -Trauts

9/30/2001 - Trauts
I added Willie's Dogfights. Willie is the newest member of the forum, and I didn't tell him about the website, he found it. :-D. Anyway, he's the person who has made the most posts on the forum.

9/26/2001 - Trauts
I fixed a bug on one of my campaigns (Joke Hunter), added a new board to the forum (Jokes Board) and have uploaded Markeroo's first campaign. It's called Hoppin' Flowers.

9/15/2001 - Trauts
I updated the download section with my newest campaigns and some music files, and the Editor Tutorial section is now finished (for now). Joke Hunter is now available in my campaign collection. Please send in any campaigns you have (if you want), as it is boring having only one set. 8^)

9/11/2001 - Trauts
The download section has a campaign, and would like any ideas you may have for campaigns. Send any of your campaigns (if you want to) to me, and I'll upload them.

9/6/2001 - SLAM
Well, after many long months of working on this site locally, and dealing with a very very silent, this site is now up! The objective: to make sure that cyberdogs, as a completely great and original game idea, does not die, and is in fact made more popular over the internet. We will give the bext info on the original games we can, give you downloads for C-Dogs campaigns, and even host some good gameplay music files for C-Dogs.

We will also gladly host sites who are working on future Cyberdogs-related projects. An exmaple of this is my own project, Cyberdogs 2001 (Look in the Projects section for more info).

Not everything in this site may be complete yet, but it is getting there. My online friend Trauts (who I actually met playing another game) will also be helping out a great deal at this site, so expect to hear from him soon!