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Links: Where do you hang out besides here?

There's a lot of places I like. Here's a few links to the ones pertinent to this site :-)

Ronny Wester's Homepage - The man. The creator of the original games. He comes first in this links list for obvious reasons :-).

Lucky's VB Gaming Site - This guy is just awesome. He and his great VB tutorials have helped me plenty already. If you're interested in this kind of thing, go there now! I hang out some at the message board there too, so be sure to check that out.

SLAM's Nerf ArenaBlast - Okay, I mentioned Unreal engine level designing as my favorite hobby? This is it. Nerf ArenaBlast is an Unreal engine game. This is my other site, and it has a lot to offer (having been around for about a year now) so go check this one out sometime. It was formerly NerfArenaBlast.Net (without the domain name). I'm going for hosting for it at 3DActionPlanet.