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Contact: Who are you anyway, you geek?

Well, geek about says it all. My name's Matthew "SLAM" Duncan. I'm on the computer every minute I can be, usually. I've been learning and gaining a lot of experience in Visual Basic programming for Windows, which is how CD2001 is being programmed. I'm hoping to get a VB programming job as soon as I gradute (very soon), or, better, yet a game design job. I have lot of experience in mapping for Unreal-engine games (Check my other site to see some of my work) and that is what I really enjoy immensely.

My e-mail address for things that relate to this project is (Or, if you prefer, the real one is If you want to contact me for any other reason besides CD2001, my main e-mail is On the weekends, you can also reach me on MSN Messenger by that name.

I can do this project alone probably, but it wouldn't hurt to have some help. If you can make music, graphics, etc, talk to me, and I'll see what we can work out :-).

Also working on the project:

Jeff "PsyCow" Easterwood - Programmer

Paul Masterson - Mission Designer